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Grandmother inspired cuisine...

Our Story

Executive Chef Mike has always had an interest and passion for cooking. His initial excitement was sparked by his grandmother. As a young child, she taught him how to make pancakes from scratch. From that point forward, he would practice his culinary skills by cooking for his nieces and nephews.

Hailing from humble beginnings, the future Chef attended Jones High School in Orlando, FL. Following high school graduation, Chef Mike attended Mid-Florida Tech's culinary arts school. Valuing responsibility, in which was instilled in him as a child, led to his withdrawal from Mid-Florida Tech to provide for his first born child.

After being employed by various hotels, Mike became a chef in 1984. His on the job experience as sous chef developed him to become an executive chef.

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In 2012, Big Mike's Catering Co. was officially founded. Known for his relentless pursuit to finish goals, Chef Mike graduated from Mid-Florida Tech's culinary arts school in 2014.

Accompanied by his wife, Karen Montgomery, Big Mike's Catering Co. is a family oriented business ready to handle any occasion, big or small! With the assistance of pleasant staff, they are eager to provide you with a wonderful culinary experience blessed with the most flavorful and finest cuisine. 

God Bless,

Big Mike's Catering Co.

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